US Embassy planned for London uses defenses from Middle Ages

A US embassy is expected to extend the welcoming hand of democracy—while maintaining a 30-meter zone of blast protection.

Gosh, sure sounds welcoming to me. Um, if the US needs an embassy built like a fortress in London, in the country of our closest ally, they maybe we should start re-thinking our foreign policy?

But if the US is going to get medieval on London, then go all the way. Have boiling oil on the rooftops, that sort of thing.


  1. Did you stop to think that maybe some of that protection was also for the buildings and people around the embassy as much as for the people in the embassy? London is a pretty old and compact place. A lot of damage could be done with out a safety buffer. Not to mention the car alarm rule. Make the place look impregnable and maybe the bad guys will believe it and give up before they start.

    • Well, if they wanted to protect those around it, then put it in the middle of 20 acres on the outskirts of London. 🙂 Besides, as I looked at the drawing, I noticed all those buildings nearby. Attacks could be launched from them.

      What’s the car alarm rule?

      • The car alarm rule – basically – armor up your car with the alarm and the steering wheel lock etc. Same with your house – bars and alarm system. They look at yours and the one down the street with no armor and they go for the easy one and leave yours alone.

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