“They have destroyed these elections.”

Massive fraud in Afghan elections shows U.S. policy is a farce.

Polizeros contributor Josh Mull is in Kabul now as an election observer. We plan to interview him when he gets back.

He just did a quick update to Newshoggers on The “Anti-War Left” And The Afghanistan Study Group.

The Left is not anti-war. Most liberals and progressives spend the bulk of their time furiously obsessing about whatever utterly crazy comment Michelle Bachmann just made while the party in power blows trillions on war and corporate welfare. They will attack Glenn Greenwald to triangulate themselves as good Democrats, meanwhile President Obama really is compiling lists of American citizens for assassination – with missiles! – a High Crime and Misdemeanor if I ever heard one. I would love it, LOVE IT, if the “Left” were anti-war, but the reality is they are not even remotely close to it.

I helped organize multiple protests against the Iraq War, some of which drew hundreds of thousands. Once Obama got into office the protests died. So the only conclusion that can be made is that the protests were really anti-Bush and once a Democrat was in power, the wars were a-ok with the former protesters.

OK, I’m done with my sloppy rant. Goodnight from Kabul. I can’t wait to come home – with a couple hundred thousand of my fellow American citizens.