Jerry Brown’s baffling campaign and the do-nothing governor’s race

The California gubernatorial race has been a real snoozer so far, with little if anything to engage voters. Well, except for Brown bad-mouthing Bill Clinton because of that Whitman ad, that is. After a bit of a kerfuffle, Clinton is still endorsing Brown. But that’s a long ways from actively campaigning for him, which is probably what he was going to do until Brown went off the rails and attacked a potential ally.

Meg Whitman will spend upwards of $150 million of her own money in a bid to win while Jerry Brown is, well, what is Jerry Brown doing? (Besides attacking the wrong targets.) No one seems to know. Even presumed supporters like columnist Steve Lopez at the L.A. Times are baffled by Brown’s seeming inability to focus on issues and say something concrete instead of issuing more warm fuzzy statements with as much substance as cotton candy. One has to wonder, does Brown have ‘the fire in the belly’ for being governor? Or is he becoming a bit… aged… Because this campaign, unlike his previous ones, has been plodding, uninspired, and filled with gaffes.

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