Howard Dean to progressives: ‘Get mad after Nov. 5th’

His brother Jim even made a special video for Crooks and Liars telling them to stop all that crazy talk of disaffection and vote Democratic in the mid-terms like good little lemmings, even though the Democratic Party has no discernable platform, plus they promise not to betray voters again. Really, you can trust them this time. Oh wait, they didn’t make that promise after all nor did they address the reasons for the growing anger. Imagine that.

When social justice, peace or civil rights movements become massive in scale, and threaten to become uncontrollable and begin to win over large numbers of people, the Democratic Party begins to shift and presents itself as a supposed ally. Its goal is always to co-opt the movement, demobilize its forces and block its development into an alternative, independent political force.
— From the Avocado Declaration by Peter Camejo

That’s what they plan to do with the anger. Render it useless.

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