Thank God global warming is a hoax

I am delighted to be reassured by the fringe right wing that the piles of dead bodies, millions of lost homes, and even the very sun itself are part of a vast conspiracy, a plot to form an evil one-world government, a lefty liberal charade even in places that don’t understand or care what the hell a liberal is. See? Do you understand how powerful the lie? Amazing.

But wait, I thought the left was ineffectual, split by factions, and ridiculed even by Obama. But now you tell me we lefties are responsible for a monstrous conspiracy? I am soo confused.

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  1. climate change is an undeniable fact now, any “deniers” not admitting that, may be doing so for understandable reasons. eg. carbon tax; just another legal method to cash in on people’s fears (legitimate or not). they might say it will go to green investments, and probably partially it is true, but for the most part it’s just about more money. for the deniers, obviously they want to avoid as many taxes as possible, specially one of this nature, since no doubt they will concoct further ways to exploit it, making sure that every industry and household and person can be leeched off, even to the point of financial ruin. and it will work really well too I predict.
    what’s next? create copyrighted oxygen and force everyone to breathe it.. for a price..

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