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  1. The LTTE indoctrinated girls as soldiers, removing them from their families at a young age and “programming” them to be loyal to their commanders. By age 13 they were in paramilitary training. (Interestingly, there are anecdotal reports that morality was central to the LTTE ethos, and celibacy was expected of these girls.) I once watched an LTTE-filmed video of a unit of these girls attacking a police station with machine guns and grenades. They were not only fearless in the face of counterfire, they seemed to be having fun!

    There were also quite a few women in the Black Tiger suicide squads. I doubt they were having fun, but their dedication was astounding. (I’ve seen a Government-released video of a female Tamil detonating her explosive in a government office, killing all inside, without hesitation, shakiness, or even sweat.)

    I abhor the tactics of the LTTE (and GOSL was no better), but I can’t help but admire the dedication of women in the LTTE war effort.

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