Wretched excess. Chelsea Clinton’s $6 million wedding

Marc Cooper lets loose with a fine rant about the arrogant, “let them eat cake” attitude of the Clinton’s.

In the midst of this pubic atmosphere of crisis and austerity, we have the Clinton’s onstage strutting exactly like the narcissistic aristocrats they have, in fact, become.

Bill Clinton who farts around the world, weeping over the homeless in Haiti and the AIDS-stricken in Africa. Get me an air sick bag, please. These folks couldn’t have had a quiet, homey wedding and made a big public announcement that in the name of Chelsea he was donating $6m to the Haitian homeless? But that wouldn’t be the Bill Clinton we really know, would it?

Clinton, as an ex-president, a man out of office, has the right, I suppose, to enrich himself any sleazy way he can find. But Chelsea is the daughter of the sitting Secretary of State of the United States. What message does this send?

Good grief.

I don’t let Chelsea off the hook here. She is not just an off-limit politician’s kid. She’s a 30 year old woman who has clearly inherited the family’s moral gene pool. She could have simply said, “No.”

Adding to the opulent decadence and spitting in the face of the public, Chelsea is marrying a hedgie who used to work for Goldman Sachs.

Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have said 'let them eat cake'...

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