Arizona anarchists to outside Marxists. Stay away

An Arizona anarchist group doesn’t want no carpet-bagging Marxists bungee-jumping into their state, especially since those group’s primary purpose is recruiting for their parties and thus they care only secondarily about the immigration law crisis.

A constant for those of us in Arizona who have been in the streets since the passage of SB 1070, has been the troubling presence of political opportunists, or “the hacks” as we’re now accustomed to calling them. A “31 Flavors” of Left-wing political groups, most of them looking to jump on the anti-SB 1070 band wagon as a means to get their name out there, recruit new members, and/or using the human rights disaster we face to raise funds to build their presence.

For months now, the Trotskyist sect, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), have shown up at pro-immigrant/anti-Arpaio demonstrations hawking their paper, “The Militant,” and setting up a table to sell their books. Meanwhile, the ANSWER “coalition” has appeared overnight and called for a demonstration the day before the law goes into effect.

As it’s been documented over the years, ANSWER is a front for the Party for Socialism and Liberation, a Leninist group that broke away from the Stalinist line of the Workers World Party a few years back. From where we stand, these groups, who parachute in with their own agenda, offer no answer from any of their party building, paper selling militants, or disingenuous front organizations for the crisis in Arizona.

With the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), there are plenty of opportunities for a well meaning person to get caught up in their web of front groups.

They are especially scathing of RCP and its cult worship of their leader Bob Avakian. SWP and PSL are just garden variety ideologues compared to genuinely loopy RCP. Since all of them block moderates from having any say in their front organizations, they doom themselves to being perpetually insignificant. You just can’t build a mass organization that way, no matter how much you claim you want to.