Why misogynists make great informants

How gender violence on the left enables state violence in radical movements

This thoughtful piece by Courtney Desiree Morris (no relation) makes the case that male supremacists on the left, given their loud-mouthed, obnoxious, manipulative personality type, are precisely the types who are or could become informants. She backs this up with concrete examples for left groups, and concludes;

The state has already understood a fact that the Left has struggled to accept: misogynists make great informants. Before or regardless of whether they are ever recruited by the state to disrupt a movement or destabilize an organization, they’ve likely become well versed in practices of disruptive behavior. They require almost no training and can start the work immediately. What’s more paralyzing to our work than when women and/or queer folks leave our movements because they have been repeatedly lied to, humiliated, physically/verbally/emotionally/sexually abused? Or when you have to postpone conversations about the work so that you can devote group meetings to addressing an individual member’s most recent offense? Or when that person spreads misinformation, creating confusion and friction among radical groups? Nothing slows down movement building like a misogynist.

While I don’t dispute her thesis, I wonder if it could lead, at least sometimes, to looking in the wrong places. The most dangerous informant is the always helpful volunteer who doesn’t make waves and who soon makes himself indispensable, not the loudmouth.