Wesley Snipes. You should have read Frivolous Tax Arguments first

I am a "fiduciary of God" and not subject to your IRS foolishness

From the court ruling (PDF) upholding Wesley Snipes’ 36 month sentence for refusal to file income tax. (via Talk Left)

Snipes also claimed that as a “fiduciary of God, who is a ‘nontaxpayer,'” he was a “‘foreign diplomat'” who was not obliged to pay taxes.

Snipes’s resistance to the IRS did not stop at his personal filings. Snipes integrated the ALR tax “teachings” into the accounting methodology of his film production companies. After June 2000, his companies stopped deducting payroll and income taxes from employees’ salary checks.

IRS has neatly assembled all the bogus arguments they hear for why someone didn’t file into one helpful document called The truth about frivolous tax arguments (PDF). They summarily reject all the arguments contained within. Don’t even try.

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  1. let me guess – he’s been drinking the kool-aid and believed he was one of the characters in his movies. Then he thought he could be his own lawyer before the IRS. I wonder of the auditors were rolling on the floor laughing in front of him?

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