Tuli Kupferberg. 1923-2010

John Perry Barlow on Twitter.

Alas, Tuli Kupferberg (1923–2010), NYC’s 1st Hippie, Fug, and co-author of “1001 Ways to Beat the Draft!””

Tuli Kupferberg; poet, beat, hippie, co-founder of the Fugs, and much more passed today after a series of strokes.

The Fugs showed us that protest could and should be fun. Else why do it. They had a huge influence on me, and many others too. Kill for Peace and CIA Man were both written by Tuli, circa 1965. The songs are funny, savage, satirical – and just as true today as then.

The Fugs are still recording and their recently released The Fugs Final CD (Vol 2) is among their best. Thanks, guys.

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