Family of soldier in Iraq misses two HOA payments, house foreclosed

In many states it is not difficult for an HOA to foreclose on a member’s home for past dues even if the amount owed is just a few hundred dollars.

But by the time he got back to Texas, it was too late. The Clauers’ four-bedroom, 3,500-square-foot home had been sold on the courthouse steps for just $3,500 — enough to cover outstanding HOA dues and legal costs.

The new owner quickly sold it for $135,000 and netted a tidy profit.

This is sickening on so many levels, that a HOA would do this and that the law permits such abominations.

In The Money and the Power, a book about the history of Las Vegas, an old timer talks about when the mob overtly ran things vs. now when soulless corporations do. He said the mob may have been ruthless however they took care of people and spread the money around but the corporations, “all they care about is money.”

Our governments seem increasingly useless (or complicit) in the face of the corporate onslaught. Looking at it from the macro level, John Robb says “The global economic system has almost won its war with nation-states.” So, how do we change this?

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