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  1. Just an observation: two of the seven firearms in the photo are equipped with silencers. In the U.S., a silencer is considered a Class III weapon and you can only get one by applying to the ATF with your fingerprints, permission of local law enforcement, and a $200 fee. This applies to private party sales also.

    If you buy one, you forfeit your 4th Amendment rights regarding search and seizure– you give ATF permission to search your premises any time they want to verify that you still have it. In other words, they track every transfer of every item, by serial number. This is not something you can pick up at a local pawn shop.

    Which suggests that the drug lords have a supply of sophisticated weapons above and beyond gun stores in the U.S. This makes sense: There are a number of countries in the world where you can buy anything you want at an open-air weapons bazaar.

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