Simmons: Worst case scenario. Open hole spewing 100-150,000 barrels a day

Crooks and Liars

This is really horrifying news. If oil industry expert Matthew Simmons who appeared on the Dylan Ratigan show and Sen. Ben Nelson’s worst case scenarios turn out to be true the situation in the Gulf truly looks dire. Simmons said that they have grossly underestimated the size of the disaster and that it appears to be the result of the biggest blowout in the world and that most of the oil is not coming from the leak the BP cameras are showing, but instead “an open hole with no casing in it which sits about seven miles away from where BP had been trying to fix these little tiny leaks in the drilling riser”.

Simmons, who founded a major investment bank for the energy industry in Houston, bases this on the size of the underwater plumes and that they are miles from the Deepwater blowout.

Simmons also says BP won’t last the summer

Scientists are challenging BP and the government’s lowball estimate of the spill size, saying it is probably far larger.

It’s clear the government has been as disingenuous about the blowout as BP. The question is, why?

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