Gulf oil leak

Federal government sending in big guns to do a flyover of leak then make important sounding noises

Oil cleanup will last for months, maybe years

Louisiana fisherman contemplating suicide

This is so lame it sounds like an Onion parody

Under increasing criticism for not moving more aggressively to halt the oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico, President Barack Obama sent three cabinet members to the area, examined possible new remedies and formed a special commission to investigate the disastrous leak and “make sure it never happens again.”

Ok, that part is comical in its ineptness, but this…

But the commandant of the United States Coast Guard, Admiral Thad Allen, said Sunday that the access that the BP oil conglomerate has to the mile-deep well site meant that the government could not take over the lead in efforts to stop the leak.

So the federal government is deferring to BP? How about they just send in the Marines and take over the site. Or does the US only do that to small countries and not to large corporations? But, why would that be?

Obama biggest recipient of BP cash

Oh, that…

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