Free Danny Tate

John Amato at Crooks and Liars details the Kafkaesque trials of our mutual friend, singer / songwriter Danny Tate. Judged incompetent due to drug addiction by what appears to be a comatose, uncaring court, his assets are now controlled by his brother. Well, whatever’s left, that is. Hundreds of thousands are gone, some for legal fees. Who knows where the rest went.

Look, addiction is a hideous thing. It can destroy the addict as well as those around him. There’s no question about that.

His brother says he seized control of the assets because he was afraid Danny would kill himself on drugs and spend all his money. This may well be true. But Danny is sober now and to have a court be able to take all your assets with no say from you is just wrong.

Friends are mobilizing, the press is noticing.

Facebook: Friends for Danny Tate’s Defense.
. Interviews with Danny and news

The three day Danny Tate Defense Extravaganzascrutinizationfest starts today

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