Manure as power source

Methane from manure will help heat Middlebury College

Data centers also looking at cow manure as power source. 10,000 cows could power one large data center.

This is a great idea. But they need to think big. Forget 10,000 cows. We simply need to harness all the manure currently issuing from BP and we could power the planet.

Animal waste and carcasses now powering Swedish homes

Maybe we could grind up BP executives too along with the cows? Oh gosh. That’s probably a bit harsh of me, isn’t it? But wait. BP has steadily and consistently been lying about the size of the spill and attempting to cover up, slime, and evade every inch of the way. So, maybe we don’t grind them up, we just send them to prison instead?

However, power from manure is a genuinely innovative idea that is catching on everywhere. It’s the ultimate in turning a liability into an asset.

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