BP to use Top Shot or is that Junk Hat to stop leak

Let’s see, first it was Big Dome. That iced up with hydrates and didn’t work. Then BP decided to try a much smaller dome, Top Hat, which would be heated, but oopsie, they’ve apparently ditched that (“for now”) after trumpeting what a swell solution it would be. Just like they did with Big Dome. You see, they assure us, we are stone cold pros and these techniques are time-tested. Except in deep water where it’s very cold when we’ve never done it before. Oh, that.

So now BP will try Junk Shot and force golf balls and other detritus down the hole, promising us that what could possible go wrong even if it doesn’t work. Right, like I so totally believe what Big Oil tells us.

But don’t you be going and calling it a Junk Shot, because BP doesn’t pump junk, they haughtily inform us. We are the Big Dogs they strongly imply, seasoned engineers and we know what we’re doing. Except it’s clear they don’t.

As for the obviously too small estimate of 5,000 barrels a day leaking, they remain mute. And had to be forced to release videos of the leak.

BP appears to be untrustworthy and quite possibly incompetent too. We have the Gulf at risk and they’re acting like high schoolers fooling around in lab trying to dream up solutions to a problem beyond their grasp.

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