We’re in Cedar City now

We were up until almost midnight Sunday packing and loading. Then up at 4 am for final loading then 11 hour drive with 26 ft. Penske truck and two cars. We’re moved 4 times in 5 years, three times doing it ourselves. Sue drives the truck, I bring the cats. This time a friend drove our other car.

The country here is gorgeous. DJ had 4 people at the house to help and we unloaded in 60 minutes. As you might guess, I’m fried.

Regular blogging resumes tomorrow. Night all!

PS Bob Rules For Moving Yourself

1) Get a bigger truck than you think you’ll need. Seriously.
2) Cardboard boxes are expensive but having everything boxed (and labeled) helps keep things organized when you unload.
3) Wrap dishes, glasses, etc. in paper towels. Buy them in bulk at the 99 cent store.
4) Labor Ready will send people to help load and unload on a few hours notice. $18 an hour. They pay taxes and have workers comp. Great company.


  1. Other rules for moving:

    5. Don’t throw things away because you are tired of packing them. You’ll only have to buy them again down the road.

    6. If the helpers make abstract geometric assemblages in the moving truck, let someone who believes in neat orderly rows — organized by weight and fragility — dictate terms.

    7. Check the laundry closet before you lock the door for the final time.

    8. Send the more nervous family members to camp, then move when they’re gone without telling them of your plans.

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