Teachers with foreign accents banned in Arizona schools

I’m guessing they probably won’t be applying that rule to Brits.

I can do nothing to change what the people and government of Arizona have done, but I will never forget what I am seeing, and I will never forgive Arizona for it. They have taken in my perception the dubious Blue Ribbon County Fair Prize for being the most irredeemably racist, xenophobic people in the country gathered together in the most un-American state in the Union.

There are just no words strong enough to condemn these people or what they are doing.

No. It’s not all of them. Not by a long shot. The biggest newspaper in the state, the Arizona Republic, strongly opposes the bill, as does the Mayor of Phoenix.


  1. Why would anyone from Arizona have to apologize for Arizona’s new law that will protect the citizens? It always amazes me how we Americans have allowed the educated but “stupid hate America” crowd to get so out of control.

    I hope Arizona will pay for the bus fare for every illegal that wants a free bus ride to the sanctuary cities like, Los Angeles and San Francisco. You either live far away from the border or you and your loved ones are illegals themselves if you support the illegal criminal that break in our borders everyday. American’s are wakening up so look for more laws like Arizona’s and yes I will do all my business with the states that protect us Americans.

    • I don’t think it does protect. Targeting people already here (putting aside the obvious question of racial profiling) does nothing to stop entry at the border. Or the rampant corruption on bothsides for drug & human smuggling and money laundering

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