Yeah baby, bring it on. More offshore drilling please

Sunken oil rig leaking 42,000 gallons per day. It’ll take months to fix

Executive Doug Suttles said if remote-control equipment can’t stop the oil, engineers are working on a way to put a containment dome over the leak. If this does not work they may have to drill nearby wells to stem the leak. In any event, Mr. Suttles has indicated that it appears that it will take several months to stop oil from leaking in to the Gulf.

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  1. I fear the gulf coast is well ad truly ducked. A ‘containment dome’ will fill and then, like the balloon it is, float away, with all that oil floating away with it. Physics is everything, everything is physics. The is a serious Catch 22. With Chavez suggesting recently that the US caused the Haitian earthquake by setting off deeply drilled explosives… well, the only known solution to capping a blown well just isn’t feasible.

    Not to mention that it could set off a chain reaction of cataclysmic earthquakes.

    Damn that Creighton.

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