The Bob & Sue Traveling Road Show moves on

Cedar Breaks National Monument

We’re moving! Yet again.

Sue is a CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner. We moved to Orange County for an business possibility for her that ended in Feb. There are no jobs or contracts for CPAs in SoCal now. In fact, they were laying off CPAs during tax season, something that has never happened before. So we are leaving the Land of Endless Enormous Outdoor Malls for Cedar City UH where we have bought a duplex with others and will be living in one of the units.

It’s near the spectacular Cedar Breaks and Zion National Park. In fact, there’s a trailhead near the back door. We’ll have a spare bedroom, it’s quiet and peaceful, so if you’re in the area, come for a visit! Cedar City is between Vegas and Salt Lake City on I-15. Sue will be job hunting through the entire region, has applied for government jobs, and often travels in her work anyway.

Best of all, we will be near our long-time friends DJ and Suellen, who escaped from L.A. a few years ago.

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