Doug Henwood on liberal reaction to Tea Party

Liberals have done their fair share of puffing up the Tea Party. They love nothing more than getting hot and bothered over the fascist threat as a way of scaring people into voting for Democrats as our last line of defense against the brownshirts. Yeah, the TP is awful, and a lot of people hate Obama for all the wrong reasons, starting with his skin color, but he’s earned plenty of criticism for the way he serves money and empire.

While I disagree some with Henwood on Tea Partiers – I think their protests are often based on real grievances – his analysis of liberal paralysis against criticizing Obama and hysteria about TP is dead on target.

I mean, really folks, just because Sarah Palin says something outrageous doesn’t mean you have to foam at the mouth in response like one of Pavlov’s dogs.


  1. Was asked recently why I ‘don’t like teabaggers?” I don’t dislike teabaggers, I just think they’re a little late to the party. My party. The one Nixon started on my sixteenth birthday, when he gunned down four students on the campus of Kent State University.

    And I then went to War.

  2. Someone forwarded me this link: It suggests that the fascism/socialism hysteria are red herrings to keep us busy while corporations loot the treasury. Funny, I said the same thing a few weeks back. And kleptocracy is a word often used on Polizeros. But no one I’ve read has put it as clearly as this.

    I am so ready to hear the “pop” (of people’s heads coming out of an orifice) as we realize that the tea partiers and the progressives are not enemies. Both have been played, and the real enemy lives without a pulse.

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