Ron Paul: Obama is a corporatist

Foghorn Leghorn to liberals, Is any of this getting through?

CreditWritedowns says
Ron Paul agrees with them, that Obama is a corporatist who always support the interests of corporations before those of citizens.

Obama is yet another centrist, triangulating New Democrat in the Bill Clinton mold. Don’t be bamboozled by Republican propagandists telling you Obama is running left or that he is a ‘socialist.’ This is nonsense – kabuki theater, if you will. They are merely using Obama’s weakness to gain control of the historical political narrative. In reality, Leftists are absolutely outraged at his legislative agenda.

However, liberals are defensive and dazed, convinced if they just say the right thing that Obama will magically blossom into one of them. Good luck with that.

Obama is a corporatist like other New Democrats of the neo-liberal mold. The schtick – as also used by Schroeder in Germany, Koizumi in Japan and Tony Blair in the UK – is to say the things that progressives want to hear, but do the things that big business wants to be done.

This especially applies to investment banks. Obama has never met a bankster he didn’t want to funnel billions to.

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