29 ballot propositions could be on California ballot in Nov.

Ballotopedia. Seven have already qualified, five for June 8, two for Nov 2. The legislature is considering nine. Forty four are in the process of getting signatures, twelve of those are active. Six are pending or pre-qualified.

The deadline for qualifying for June 2 has past, thus any ballot qualifying by the middle of May could on the ballot in Nov. So (using all fingers and toes) that means as many as twenty nine propositions could be on that ballot.

This is madness.

Some of them are important and will be knock-down drag-out fights.

These have already qualified:

  • Legalize and tax marijuana. Those profiting from laundered money will surely slither up to oppose this.
  • Public funding of elections.
  • Top Two Primaries.The top two vote getters in a primary regardless of party will run in the general election.
  • 2/3’s vote for local public electricity providers. PG&E doesn’t want competition.

These probably will qualify:

  • Marriage Equality. Repeal Prop 8. A Yes means you favor gay marriage.
  • End Two-thirds majority needed to pass a budget. Please.
  • Ban on political deductions. Widely seen as anti-union move.
  • State gov’t can’t take local funds. Even if the state is broke. Like it is now.
  • Permission to tax. Voters must approve any new taxes.
  • Tax on public pensions over $40,000.

And many more. Some compete with each other while others attempt to kill previous propositions. Some seem utterly obscure or appear to be favoring one thing while actually opposing it. Beware of hidden ulterior motives. Check who is behind an initiative. Stealth funding abounds. Those with deep pockets like corporate interests have a far better chance of getting propositions on the ballot than the little guy the system was supposed to enable.

The Calif. Sec. of State currently lists 83 “cleared for circulation” and signature gathering. Yes, 83. This is just out of control.


    • The same-sex marriage measure to repeal Prop 8 is probably NOT going to qualify. Looks like it’s going to be pushed to 2012.

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