Colorado town legalizes marijuana

Voters in Nederland Colorado just approved an initiative legalizing marijuana. This isn’t just for personal use or possession up to a specific amount. Rather marijuana is now completely legal there. This includes growing and transport.

In addition to being an intelligent move on many levels, not the least of which is crippling the drug cartels, this is also a direct challenge to the authority of the US government which insists on the idiotic laws against marijuana, probably because so many dirty banks, hedge funds, and politicians benefit from it.

Oh gosh, did I imply our system is corrupt and awash in drug money? Silly me. What I meant to say was Wall Street with the connivance of D.C. launders enormous amounts of dirty money. Oops, I did it again, implying our government is corrupt. I guess I’m just hopeless.

Considering that we now have the obscenity of Obama ordering the assassination of a US citizen, I’d say, the more direct challenges we have to the authority of the US government, the better.

And just wait until November, when Californians legalize marijuana. Because they will.

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