Outlaw pot growers in California fear legalization

"Tom Cruise Purple", from Humboldt County. (He has threatened to sue over the name)

They say it’ll drive down prices and destroy the local underground economy. Growers in Humboldt County are even meeting with civic officials to determine what to do, which I guess means it’s de facto legal there.

They should do what Joe Kennedy, patriarch of the Kennedy clan, did. He was a major bootlegger in Boston. When Prohibition was about to be lifted he got himself appointed ambassador to England and locked up all the contracts for importing British liquor to the US.

And while corporate growers may grow garbage weed, there will always be a market for top quality marijuana like they grow in Humboldt.

But let’s not get too entranced by the hippie growers. Lots of money is involved. It’s getting laundered and going somewhere. Growers have guns and you don’t want to be stumbling across their fields accidentally.

A far better solution is to legalize marijuana.

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