Catholic Church sex abuse scandals

Tom Toles, Washington Post

Ireland, U.S., Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, detailed by BBC.

Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Wikipedia list.

Latin America. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru

Philippines. “Hundreds of priests”. As reported in 2002!

Malta. 45 priests in 11 years



  1. I think we’re witnessing ‘peak religion’. The decline in ‘believing’ is already markedly notable in Europe, and to those paying attention notable here as well – in the last census an equal number of Cascadians identified themselves to be of No Religion (and No Political Affiliation) as those who did. We may have to put up with a vocal, and violent (which can be dealt with), minority of a bit longer, but we;re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Speaking only as an unemployed witch-doctor who would gladly toss a virgin in a volcano, if I could find one… There are no “gods”, only fairy tales. Fantasies to explain away the dark, justify sex with young children, and profit. You really don’t think the witch doctor really believes that tossing a virgin in a volcano will make it rain, do you? Nooo… tossing a virgin in a volcano keeps him in his cushy witch doctor gig, with the additional perk of spending a few quality end of life hours with the virgin – what…!? you thought the virgin, stoned to the bone on Ambien, Prozac, and Viagra and smiling all the way to the bottom, was still a virgin when the witch doctor tossed ‘em in? I’ve got some property to sell. Ocean-front. Cheap. Cash only, in small bills. You’ll love Idaho!

  2. There’s a huge difference between the teacher and the religion that claims him/her. When religion fails, it’s time for a new teacher to appear. And do we ever need a spiritual revolution!

  3. Don’t forget the one in Minnestoa, where the priest was allowed to stay in India, still being paid a salary by the Church to work as a priest. And of course the Vatican says they have no power over this, it’s all up to the local Bishop. The Bishop, mean while, is saying he was never approached about it, and since the preist “says he didn’t do it, what am I to do?”

    Really? So if I rape someone, flee the country, and just say “I didn’t do it”, I get off totally free? I would have sworn we have some way to get criminals sent back that fled to avoid facing charges. When other countries shelter “terrorists” we levy scantions against them, seize funds and property in the US, and/or bomb them. But apparently terrorizing and raping children doesn’t fall under the same guidelines?

  4. I am an interested yet impartial third party: if Paula says Peter raped her, don’t you believe common decency demands we check facts, facts relating both Paula and Peter?
    While News Magazines don’t invent pedophilia, is it possible that news items could be manufactured material for sale and money-making? I would believe any case of any form of abuse when the abuser is hanged, after being proved, and the abused party generously says: “Damn it, I don’t a single dime of your blood money”!

    • Feel free to read the Government of Ireland’s official investigation of the rapes and abuses that amounted to torture done for decades by the Catholic Church. They were impartial. The report took a long time to reach its conclusions, which were scathing about the coverup by the Church and the sickening abuses it permitted.

      In other words, the facts have been checked. Multiple times. And in multiple countries.

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