Why our political system is dysfunctional

The two major parties spend inordinate amounts of time blaming each other. Which conveniently means they never have to do much because the Other Side is always mucking things up. Plus, such an approach lends itself well to constant fund-raising while demonizing the opposition.

Consider the following two cases;

Little Green Footballs

A lot of people seem to believe that because I parted ways with the GOP and the right wing, that automatically makes me a left winger or a Democrat now.

So here’s an article that shows why I concluded long ago that both parties are full of opportunistic weasels: RNC rejects joint “civility” statement.

If they sign, it’s an acknowledgment that they’ve been uncivil. (Which they have.) If they don’t sign, the Dems will say they refuse to denounce extremism. So, since there’s no political benefit either way, it makes no sense to sign it.


DJ on Facebook

I find myself amused that though I have installed alternative energy at home, support (and produce) local food, and spent years working to end a war, because I criticize Obama I must be a Fox-watching redneck teabagger. The words used today were “conservative cookie cutter Feller.” Uh-huh.

However, when it comes to bailing out the banksters and siphoning money from us to the banksters, both parties are in complete agreement.

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