Bernanke says large bank bailouts “unconscionable,” must end

This isn't quite accurate. Bernanke only scatters money to Wall Street, not the rest of us

Then stop giving them money, Ben, and also stop protecting them, running interference for them, and refusing to release emails and documentation about them. Then people might think you actually mean what you say. Sheesh.

He sounds like the Pope talking about priestly pedophilia, we are deeply anguished that you are upset but we have no concrete plans to do anything aside from making a few unctuous noises about it and hope you don’t realize what slithering weasels we are.


The shadow banking system is still alive and growing. According to a new paper (PDF) by the Levy Economics Institute of U Miss, the derivative exposure of Goldman Sachs was 33,823% of its assets in 2009 (as compared to 25,284% in 2008). They are still leveraged to the hilt and the US government is the backstop.

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