The current Vatican death throes

Andrew Sullivan quotes a German reader.

[A major German newspaper has] a summary of an interview with the Regensburg Bishop, Gerhard Mueller, who says “Leutheusser is a liar,” referring to Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, the Justice Minister. He goes on to say that the justice minister is part of a dark and secretive conspiracy led by Free Masons who want to bring the church down. This guy is just nuts. But how revealing of their strategy. Presented with undeniable evidence of abuse, they claim to be the victims!

The original interview is in La Stampa in Turin. The Sueddeutsche’s editorial, penned by Matthias Drobinski, says that the scandal plainly now affects the pope directly since much of the worst abuse occurred during his tenure as archbishop of Munich and Freising, and his claims not to have been involved simply aren’t credible.

The German investigation now includes 170 who have reported sexual abuse and hundreds more who were badly beaten. These are not isolated incidents, as witness similar stomach-turning betrayals of trust coupled with viciousness and rape. In every instance, the Catholic Church has attempted to slime the victims, cover-up, and blame everyone but themselves.

The pedophilia is obviously institutionalized and rampant as are the torture chamber conditions of too many of the schools. The report from the Irish government mentioned infants being held upside down and beaten senseless. But in the insane asylum that is the Catholic hierarchy, this is all the fault of Free Masons. That’s what happens after years of reactionary popes deliberately filling leadership positions with the most extreme troglodytes they can find. And the current pope is the most reactionary of them all.

We live in very strange times. Everywhere you look, bastions of authority that formerly were respected are found to be corrupt, venal, and unconcerned with the truth, like Wall Street, the US government, and the Vatican.


  1. Dating to their conflict as Knights Templar, Illuminati have always been “a dark and secretive conspiracy led by Free Masons who want to bring the church down.”

    Can we burn the church now?

  2. I think Ten Bears is a Mason. 🙂

    Really though… when there’s clear, documentation, signed by the current pope in his former role in the church that instructs bishops to “allow the Church to deal with such incidences internally” vs going to the local authorities. What does it take for someone to realize that this guy probably isn’t the mouthpiece of the great creator? Or that the church as a whole is rotten to it’s core (and likely has been for centuries).

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