Dogs are the new knives

Fear me

(Hey DJ, this story is for you!)

From Harry’s Place in the UK

So this is how it goes, really. The government bans guns so thugs take to knives. The government bans knives, so thugs breed attack dogs.

You can’t win. The problem is the thugs, not their current weapon of choice.

It gets worse. Now their government wants all dogs, even little bitty barky dogs, to be insured in case a big barky dog bites someone. Plus there is much apparent governmental gnashing of teeth about what to do if a dog not on the banned list attacks someone.

And the thugs?

Well, because they are criminals who thumb their noses at the law to begin with, they won’t bother with all that red tape anyway.

So effect on thugs: none.
Upset and inconvenience to law-abiders: double.
Effect on animal welfare: Potentially catastrophic.

Gosh, I’m certainly glad the US government doesn’t make such muddle-headed proposals. Oh, wait…

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