Pope’s brother linked to German sex abuse scandal

Rev. Georg Ratzinger, brother of the Pope, led the choir at a Catholic monastery school in Germany from 1964 till 1994 that has just been raided by authorities over claims of sex abuse that happened while he was there.

In the now familiar pattern of the Catholic Church, Ratzinger is being deliberately evasive and blaming everything on enemies of the church.

This is what I mean by evasive.

The two [Ratzinger and a bishop] “remembered” cases of sex abuse at Domspatzen dated back to 1958 and therefore “did not coincide with the period where professor Georg Ratzinger was in charge,” Mueller said in a statement published in the Vatican’s official Osservatore Romano.

The 1958 cases have nothing to do with the current investigation, which is about sexual abuse that happened while Ratzinger headed the choir. To pretend otherwise is to be slimy and dishonest.

A former student says the school had an”ingenious system of sadistic punishments connected to sexual pleasure” and he “could not understand how the pope’s brother Georg Ratzinger, who was master of the chapel from 1964, could not have been aware.”

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