Shooter Jennings “Black Ribbons” album released

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Singer-songwriter Shooter Jennings, the son of country music outlaws Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, talks with Alex about his latest project with novelist Stephen King. Jennings and King teamed up to produce a concept album entitled Black Ribbons, an indictment against government censorship and the New World Order.

In Black Ribbons, Stephen King plays a DJ doing his last show as government thugs outside prepare to turn the airwaves into non-stop propaganda. I reviewed Black Ribbons on 2/22. Go buy it now. currently features a game

Welcome traveler!

We’re glad that you’ve chosen to take part in the resistance! We need all the help we can get, so with each new face comes much hope!  The times have changed, and with the little that we do know, we are sure that the key to a much brighter future lies in each and every one of our hands. The voice of our movement, “WILL O’ THE WISP”, has gone missing. In four days at midnight the public airwaves become completely overcome and regulated by the Goverment of the American Union and on the fourth night from tonight will be the last broadcast of WILL’s show, THE LAST LIGHT RADIO. We must get in contact with WILL, and make sure he makes this broadcast. The future is counting on it. I suspect that there will be some answers hidden within the very dangerous and very secretive BLACK OPS encampment, or “THE SPIRE,” but it will take some careful planning and preparation to even be able to get near that place.

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