1. I heard somewhere, perhaps Bill Moyers, that the owner of Whole Foods is an arch conservative despite the store’s hippy/yuppy image.

    • It’s true. The more that this store gets known, the sleazier an operation it seems to be. I would not give them my custom at this point.

  2. Hmm. This doesn’t seem like news. Some TV station ready a clearly typed label on some frozen food? Am I missing the scandal here? This report seems based on ignorance or maybe a hit piece. For instance, the reporter seems to imply that organic food is grown without pesticides. For the record, commercial organic food is grown with organic pesticides. I grow a large amount of veggies and fruit under an organic philosophy and it seems to me that the organic pesticides, herbicides, arachnicides, herbicides and growth regulators do quite a good job in their killing. Some are not particularly sustainable, such as the commonly used copper fungicides which remain in the soil forever. The US food production chain is a fog of chemical sprays. How can a country which pollutes its own food so chronically possibly have the standing to criticize another country’s system. The reporter openly admits that they know nothing about the chinese methods, which is supposed to scare us? We clearly should clean up our own food house right here in the USA.

    • “doesn’t seem like news”?? O, puuleeeese! Whole Foods prides itself on being ever so wholesome and into the locavore trend. How many people who buy food at WF know about the China sourcing? I’ll venture to guess: very few. This is BIG news and I guarantee it will bite WF deeply in its corporate butt.

  3. I have been all over your home page, etc., and do not see any place to “click” where I can see the “country of Origin” list of whole foods from china….something missing in your instructions?

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