Why oh why is Democratic ‘leadership’ so lame

Harry Reid stripped down a jobs bill that had bipartisan support because in his cunningness, he thinks this will help passage and ease “voter concerns about federal spending.”

The bill was $85 billion. Now it’s $15 billion and excludes provisions for unemployment insurance extension and subsidies for medical insurance. They’ve given trillions to the banksters but can’t do an extra $70 billion for the unemployed. Plus, Reid’s last minute gutting of the bill alienated Republicans who had been working with him on it. Suave thinking there, Harry.

However, tax breaks for companies who hire remains in the bill, even though such breaks will go to companies who would be hiring any way. Has the Obama Administration ever not gone completely out of its way to favor business at the expense of everyone else?

Reid, gutless and useless, appears utterly unconcerned about creating actual jobs.

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