Obama and the bankster’s bonuses

Yves is not happy.

We have just been through the greatest looting of the public purse in history, and Obama tries to pass it off as meritocracy in action.

Obama is beyond redemption.

From the comments there.

Beyond redemption? We are realizing that he was installed.

He’s gonna have to do something rash to galvanize his base, and the nation, but he’s not got the Cajones. He has succeeded by being pragmatic, but these times call for different set of skills. Breaking down institutional corruption thats been dug in for 50+ years means losing friends. Christ – Summers, Rubin, are his ADVISORS. He ain’t got it in the tank guys.

He talks loudly, but carries a small stick. Teddy Roosevelt, the trustbuster (and Taft) would puke on sight at the cowardice of this little man.

Remember when Obama had the bank CEO meeting and three CEOs said couldn’t make it because it was too foggy or something, so they phoned in and Obama meekly thanked them?

If that had been LBJ, he would have ripped their lungs out. Publicly. Cancel that, they wouldn’t have dared not make the meeting. Ditto if had been Bill Clinton or if Hillary had won.

And the plunder continues. “FDIC legally transferring billions of taxpayer money to hedge funds.”