The Tea Party 600: Canaries in the political coal mine?


Yes, some of the Tea Party movement is ugly. Yes, some of the Tea Party movement is race-based. Yes, some of the Tea Party movement is being bankrolled by conservative political groups — and all of it promoted by Fox News. But focusing only on those elements obscures the fact that some of what’s fueling the movement is based on a completely legitimate anger directed at Washington and the political establishment of both parties.

Think of the Tea Party movement as a boil alerting us to the infection lurking under the skin of the body politic.

Precisely. And they aren’t all nutcases either. Not even hardly.

A Tea Partier responding to my comment on Global Guerrillas about how there is common ground between left and right.

Tea Party United said…

Let’s brainstorm: what would a left-right alliance look like?

*The Goals:

Democracy as George Washington wanted it: End the party system. End the “culture war”.

End bailouts, have bailouts payed back. Do some Teddy Roosevelt style trust-busting – if a corporation is too big to fail, it’s a monopoly.


National Jury: a new branch of government, made up of randomly chosen citizens.

Develop all alternatives to imported oil.

Foreign policy as the Founding Fathers intended it: trade with all, alliances with none. End state-building projects and end missions and bases that exist to serve alliances, rather than direct defense (Ie, let Japanese taxpayers pay for Japan’s defense). Use Nuclear and Chemical weapons on Al Qaeda. If an enemy isn’t worth nuking, he isn’t worth fighting.

Oopsie, jumped the shark here, didn’t he? BTW, does anyone even know where al Qaeda is? Didn’t think so. Then, there are those pesky ethics questions that arise when you mass-slaughter non-combatants.

Hire Israelis to run security. They seem to know what they’re doing.

Improve civil liberties, government transparency, get rid of voting machines, increase turnout with vote-by mail, holiday on election day etc.

Cut taxes for the middle class. Pay for it by taxing the financial industry.

What else can left and right agree on?

*The tactics:

Vote out incumbents. Vote in primaries for politicians who follow our rules: no mention of irrelevant scandals, no talking about culture war issues, no changes to legislation on culture war issues. No donations from corporations, not being caught alive with lobbyists.

Boycott partisan media.

Boycott a short, easily remembered list of corporations. Mostly media and donors to the status quo.

Call-in-sick days in corporations that donate to politicians.

Protests/pickets at high-price fundraisers, banks, lobbying firms

Form local juries to debate local issues and pass (non-binding, at the moment) legislation.

Form/join local markets, militias, and local currency systems.

Skill sharing: Right teaches military skills, left teaches misc. (civil disobedience, scientific method etc.)

Works for me. Coalitions mean you you don’t have to agree on everything, just on some things. Imagine what could be accomplished by a mass coalition of left and right working together. Why, that would be the worst fear of both DC and the banksters.

Look, the only think Obama has done consistently, without fail, and fought unceasingly for, is to give Wall Street whatever it wants. That’s a primary reason why people are angry. Not just on the right, either.