Constitutional convention for citizen-funded elections

From Lawrence Lessig and others

Our Congress is broken. Even at a moment of extraordinary crisis, Members spend an endless amount of time simply raising campaign cash. We need Congress to focus; to address the problems that burden America; to do its job.

The first step to fixing Congress would be to enact Citizen Funded Elections. Every supporter of reform should be working as hard as possible to get the Fair Elections Now Act passed.

But we can’t rely upon Congress alone. We must begin taking the steps necessary to secure to Congress the power to protect its own independence. To that end, we are launching a process today to get state legislatures to call for a Convention. Learn more about the path to a Constitutional Convention.

This will do an end run around the recent noxious Supreme Court decision on corporate contribution. Our current political system is damaged and corrupt. Real campaign finance reform would be a major first step in the right direction.

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  1. The work for a convention has already been done by the states. As shown at, according to public record, all 50 states have submitted 750 applications for a convention call, some 20 times the number required to cause Congress to call a convention. The applications can be read at the website and are photographic copies of official government records.

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