Climate change research at East Anglia yet again found flawed

The Guardian, the left leaning UK paper, has examined thousands of hacked emails from the University of East Anglia’s climatic research unit and found that measurements concerning Chinese weather stations were flawed and there was no backup documentation for them. The data was used in a 1990 paper which is still cited today.

Worse the University has only released 10 of the legally-mandated 105 Freedom of Information requests made.

This is the fourth such instance, to my knowledge, of climate change scientists being less than straightforward about the data. I detail the other three in my CAIVN post, Climate change proponents battered by inaccurate scientific claims.

Folks, these mistruths, evasions, and supression of data have done major and severe damage to the political goals of climate change activists, as it has given massive amounts of free ammunition to the skeptic side. Does it show climate change to be a fraud? Of course not. But when skeptics say some climate change researchers are less than forthcoming, they are quite correct.

Audio link to Guardian report.

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