iDontGetIt? Maybe not…

At first the iPad seems like an answer in search of a solution. Like, what do I do with it besides watching videos and noodling around?

Well, you’ll be able to run Windows 7 on the iPad via Citrix. Then, with a plug-in keyboard, you can do faster typing. Of course all this pumps the price up past that of a Netbook. And there’s no mouse.

For me, a mobile device needs to be able to do reliable blogging. That means a full-sized keyboard, a graphics program to optimize images (I use Gimp), ability to run multiple apps at once, plus essential utilities like a full-featured text editor and a screen capture program. My iPhone is great for quick blog posts, but mostly useless for long posts, especially if I want to add images and video. The iPad has the same lack of features.

So, I expect the iPad is aimed at a new niche. Because it’s not a PC, and doesn’t fit in a pocket like the iPhone. So what’s the intended market?

PS Apple blew on the name. Did they have any women involved in the process? I think not.


  1. The kicker is, this isn’t the first time such a product has tried to make it in the market. I’ve been a big fan of tablet PCs since Toshiba was making versions that ran Windows 3.11 back in the 90s. (I had a 386-16 Toshiba “Point 150” until about 2 years ago…)

    The iPad is going to find some buyers, but even the iFanBoys are going to have a rough time with this, give then big price and the lack of a few major things (like being open, multi-tasking, and Flash support). I know the market they’re going for, I just don’t think it’s as large as they think it is (or as deep pocketed).

    This is aimed at folks that want to sit on the couch, read a book, browse the web, and maybe control things around them (like a stereo or lights or such). It has to weigh no more than a magazine, be about that size, pretty simple to hold, yet powerful enough to render pages pretty quickly and run for hours without a recharge. The iPad has most of that (again, minus flash support), so in that regard they go it right. But for the price, I’m not sure even the people that are in the niche to want it are going to get it.

    Apple isn’t the only one to be doing this either. There’s a few others on the market, in Linux and/or Windows varieties, like the JooJoo and the Ideapad U1. Both are at lot more open, multi-task, and have about the same price range for the features you get compared to the iPad.

    In fact Bob, you may want to look at the U1… It looks like it would be great for blogging, AND could still be great for quick e-book reading and/or couch surfing. 🙂

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