iDontGetIt? Maybe not…

At first the iPad seems like an answer in search of a solution. Like, what do I do with it besides watching videos and noodling around?

Well, you’ll be able to run Windows 7 on the iPad via Citrix. Then, with a plug-in keyboard, you can do faster typing. Of course all this pumps the price up past that of a Netbook. And there’s no mouse.

For me, a mobile device needs to be able to do reliable blogging. That means a full-sized keyboard, a graphics program to optimize images (I use Gimp), ability to run multiple apps at once, plus essential utilities like a full-featured text editor and a screen capture program. My iPhone is great for quick blog posts, but mostly useless for long posts, especially if I want to add images and video. The iPad has the same lack of features.

So, I expect the iPad is aimed at a new niche. Because it’s not a PC, and doesn’t fit in a pocket like the iPhone. So what’s the intended market?

PS Apple blew on the name. Did they have any women involved in the process? I think not.