Caption contest. Harry models a chihauhau jacket

Ok, so Sue decided to knit a little jacket for her sister’s chihauhau who gets cold outside sometimes. She wanted to see how it looked so had Harry, one of our cats, model it.

He looks really overjoyed about this, doesn’t he?

  • Daniel Rivera

    If I were you guys I’d sleep with one eye open

  • Harry is going to kill you while you sleep, if you are foolish enough to leave the bedroom door open.

    At a minimum, he will crap or barf into your shoes.

    • Naw. He’s a little snuggler. Bound and determined he will be your friend. He was supposed to be a rescue cat that we would adopt out but he’s so adorable we couldn’t let him go.

      We have two foster cats now. Harry stands outside their door for hours, peeking at them, wanting to be their friend.

    • Sue

      No I think Mr. Misfit is right. We should be scared.

  • cheryl

    That look says “How many times do I have to tell you, green is not my color!”

  • cheryl

    I guess I should have looked more carefully – it looks kind of chartreuse in the pic but is probably a gold.

    • Sue

      One yarn is olive and fuzzy, the other an olivey gold and plain.

  • Barbara

    He will sneak into your bedroom and suck the breath out of your lungs while you sleep.

  • Sue

    Bob: No! He’s a little snuggler. Sue, what do you think? Is Harry a little snuggler, or a lung ripper-outer?

    Sue: Based on the picture ….

    Bob: Well, okay, good point, the picture …

    Sue: He’s a lung …

    Bob: Ripper outer.