Why a resilient community network?

Because with the continued hollowing out of the nation state, resilient communities will –

  • Shield us from increasingly frequent shocks and breakdowns of an out of control global system.
  • Protect us from predatory and parasitical non-state actors — from globe spanning banks/corporations to local/transnational militias/gangs.
  • Provide us with a path that will allow us to thrive — economically, socially, individually, and spiritually.

But we can’t do it alone, or even in small groups. Too many predators out there, whether they be bankster or criminal (I think there”s still a difference.)

The dominant solution to all of these pitfalls, dangers, and threats is to team up. Create a virtual tribe that helps communities become resilient — by financing, protecting, and accelerating them.

That’s what John Robb proposes. He plans to self-finance the building blocks for these new software platforms. He invites people to participate. Jump on in.

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