Criticizing the president on health care is “Naderite” and “hurts the progressive agenda,” Say, what?

Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake rightfully slams The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel apologia for Obama’s inaction.

The Obama White House has been working furiously to pass an enormous transfer of wealth to the insurance companies from the start. I don’t see how reporting this constitutes “attacking the administration,” or why it “hurts” the “progressive agenda” to do so. So, I was very surprised that Katrina would promote and give the imprimateur of the Nation to a blog post encouraging me not to be critical of the administration on health care, and to accept the fiction that this bill is the fault of Congress.

And here I thought only Republicans insisted on unquestioning loyalty and brooked no criticism of their leaders. Hey, didn’t The Nation used to slam the Bushies for doing just that? But apparently for some progressives, what is morally noxious when Republicans do it is just dandy when they do it.

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