Top geothermal cities

Drilling for geothermal in Boise

The Geothermal Energy Association lists the top nine geothermal cities. Three are in the US; Reno, Klamath Falls, and Boise.

Reno Nevada is listed third. The current home of the GEA’s Geothermal Energy Expo and GRC Annual Meetings also features the Steamboat complex, operated by Ormat Technologies. The facility provides power to the city. City and business leaders are marketing Reno as a geothermal center for industry activities, corporate offices, and research facilities.

Klamath Falls Oregon has used geothermal energy for space heating since the turn of the century. The city has over 550 wells supplying heat for a variety of uses including heating homes, schools, businesses, swimming pools, and for snow melt systems for sidewalks and highways. The Oregon Institute of Technology has been heated by the direct use of geothermal energy since 1964. It takes only three wells to supply all of the heating needs of the 11-building campus.

And finally, Boise Idaho. The city built its first geothermal heating system in 1892. The Boise Public Works Department has the largest direct use geothermal system in the U.S. The city’s system also injects 100% of the water back into the aquifer. Several buildings in the Capitol Mall, including the Idaho State Capitol, are heated by the system.

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