Rep. Kucinich: “Class war is over, working people lost”

class war

“The class warfare is over — we lost,” Kucinich said before the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. “I want to make that announcement today. Working people lost. The middle class lost.”

No, it’s not over. It’s just beginning. (But it mostly certainly is over if you give up.) The simple fact that a member of Congress is now talking about class war tells me we are still in the early innings. Favorable references to class war have never been made from the floors of Congress before, at least not to my knowledge. So buck up me hearties and let’s get ready for a long haul. No one said taking down the banksters would be easy.

“Don’t tell me about class warfare,” he continued. “Come to my neighborhoods in Cleveland. I will show you class warfare. I’ll show you hollowed out areas. I’ll show you businesses that went down because they don’t have access to capital. And on Wall Street it is fat city. Don’t tell me about class warfare.”

Sue was just in Cleveland and said that well over half of their downtown businesses were shuttered or going out of business. Nice houses in good areas are for sale for $40,000, and sometimes much less. Yes, Cleveland is getting clobbered.

But while I understand the point Kucinich is making, giving in to despair and fatalism is not an option. Not if you want to win. Not if you want our cities to come back. Not if you want to chase the money-changers out of the temple, get rid of the corruption, and have a real democracy. Crazy dream? Only if you think it is.

The class war, which has been going on for quite some time, is now so apparent that everyone knows it. And that opens the door for real change. If we want it.