Obamaville and Obama’s cratering poll numbers

Why Obama’s poll numbers are plummeting

Economist: Obama is completely closed-minded when it comes to economics

Ed Schultz: Right now Mr. President your base thinks you’re nothing but a sellout

Yo, O. We need some deliverables here. Quickly too. But wait. All politicians are dropping fast in the polls. Not just Obama. So maybe we’re seeing an unprecedented populist upsurge against politicians in general, with Obama as most obvious target. He has been asking for it. All that changiness and hope he promised seems to be blowing in the wind while the White House plays kissee kissee with Wall Street.

People are hurting, losing jobs, home, pensions. It sickens and angers them to see bankers walk off with millions while too many others are suffering. The people will get their change, of that I have no doubt. The next several months will be interesting indeed.


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