And so it begins. Violence against those who plundered the country

Seems like the beginning of a trend to me.

A Los Angeles lawyer who had represented a failed subprime mortgage lender is found dead outside his home, having been shot in the head.

Three men allegedly invade the home of a former subprime lender, and are arrested after reportedly injuring three people inside.

Vandals target the home of the former CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland, smashing windows in the banker’s home and car.

D.C. needs to stop protecting the banksters or soon there will be a million peasants with pitchforks in the streets. What happens then won’t be pretty. That’s not hyperbole.


  1. This theory may be correct. However these “victims” were only taking advantage of a situation set into motion by the real villains: the Fed, ACORN, Barney Frank, Christoper Dodd et al. The may have been convenient local targets, but in many ways, just the public face of the disaster.

    • And Wall Street bankers, real estate brokers, bond dealers, those who bought homes they could never pay for, an asleep at the wheel regulatory apparatus – the list goes on and on

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