His full title is ‘mop-headed weenie of a vampire squid running dog lackey for the banksters”

Taibbi slams Geithner, Obama, and the banksters

Not only are the mop-headed weenie of a Treasury secretary’s fingerprints on virtually all the gross giveaways in the new reform legislation, he’s a living symbol of the Rubinite gangrene crawling up the leg of this administration. Putting Geithner against the wall and replacing him with an actual human being not recently employed by a Wall Street megabank would do a lot to prove that Obama was listening this past Election Day. And while there are some who think Geithner is about to go — “he almost has to,” says one Democratic strategist — at the moment, the president is still letting Wall Street do his talking.

I was talking to some little old ladies here in Orange County CA yesterday, all in their 70’s and well-off. They were appalled at how Obama lets the banks do whatever they want and never uses the big stick or the bully pulpit.

When the anger and disillusionment reaches retirees with no financial problems, then you know it’s deep and growing everywhere.

PS It’s not just Obama who is losing popularity, all politicians are dropping. This indicates rising discontent and quite possibly coming social unrest.