Anarchy in the UK?

US intelligence raises spectre of upcoming civil unrest in United Kingdom

Via Beans Rice and Gold, who has a way of finding news way before others do.

PS Before you of the anarchist persuasion out there slag me for insinuating anarchy is chaos, may I hasten to add that I mean anarchy in the Sex Pistols sense of the word, and not as a political philosophy, ok?


  1. What, don’t their stockbrokers and investment bankers carry weapons to deal with this sort of uprising? Maybe the Brits should take a lesson from Wall Street!

    • Hmmm, here we could have investment bankers just learning how to aim vs. rednecks who have been shooting since they could tie their shoes.

  2. Arguably, there is no chaos, if there were a god she wouldn’t roll dice.

    Who you callin’ a redneck!?

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